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The internet marketing industry in Alberta, and most of Canada for that matter is really lacking. The sad truth is that most business owners in Canada do not know the meaning of “SEO”. In most cities you will often times find that the number 1 listing is Yellow-pages instead of a local business. The problem is that most business owners when creating their websites do not insert any keywords that they want to rank their business in Google for. The same goes for most website designers, and it’s not because they are bad at what they do or are stupid by any means. It is simply because they are not trained in the field of search engine optimization.

It is recommended that if you want to have a website that ranks in Google. You should hire a website design company that also does SEO, and not only that but make sure they have a proven track record of website that they have ranked. If a company won’t provide websites they have ranked, or they don’t rank in Google themselves. They likely don’t know anything about SEO and are just looking to steal your money. The problem with the SEO industry is that it is a shady one. There is an abundance of scam SEO agencies that are just out to sell you on cheap packages and steal your money. Shy away from any SEO companies that quote under 1000$ per month, as it a scam.

SEO is an investment and can be quite expensive. The reality is that off-page SEO work is tedious and requires many hours of work. This is the main reason that search engine optimization can be expensive. Like any investment, in order to see a good return on investment (ROI), you must have start-up capital. SEO campaigns can range from 1000$ per month to upwards of 10,000$ per month, depending on the search traffic and level of competition for the various keywords you are trying to rank for.

Last year when we were looking for someone to do SEO on our website we found a company called Alberta SEO. They are an internet marketing agency located in Calgary, Alberta. In our opinion they are the leading SEO services company, and we highly recommend you go to them if you are looking for SEO services. They took our business from the depths of page 6 all the way to the top of the search results!

Like most companies when we saw the quote for our campaign we were very skeptical. It was a huge investment and with SEO there are no guarantees, since the companies do not own the search engines such as Google or Yahoo. We took a leap of faith and signed on for their 6 month SEO package. Within about 2 weeks we had already noticed a difference in the amount of traffic to our website. After 2 and a half months our website was ranked in Google for all of the keywords that we had requested. Our traffic has since been through the roof and we owe it all to the folks at Alberta SEO. Their knowledge of the search engines is incredible. They are located here in Calgary and are a family owned company; check them out on Google maps for all your SEO Alberta needs!

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Kayla Itsines A Legit Health Coach?

Is Kayla Itsines A Legit Health Coach?

Have you heard the buzz around Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide? We all know that every woman wants to have that perfect swimsuit body – it symbolizes a very healthy person – but it’s hard to find the right information and structure that everyone can fit into their schedules so they can see the results they want.

Who Is Kayla Itsines?

Kayla was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. She has always had an interest in health and exercise. She also loves helping people. In 2008 she took a personal training class at the Australian Institute of Fitness to specialize in helping women look and feel better. After she graduated and became a certified personal trainer, she found out that most of the tips and techniques that she learned and practiced did not yield the results her clients wanted.

Her most common complaints were:

  • I want toned arms
  • I want a flat stomach and nice abs
  • I dislike my inner thighs

Because numerous clients all had the same issues Kayla decided to try and combat the issue. Clearly what she was taught wasn’t what the market wanted. So she spent a lot of time coming up with the correct balance of cardio exercises and workouts, coupled with a strategic meal plan that got results.

After coming up with this breakthrough she left the studio and started her own business. Since the Bikini Body Guide launched she has seen enormous successes and women becoming confident when they wear a swim suit! Kayla has amassed a huge Facebook following and has become an inspiration to thousands of women all over the world. If you want more in depth analysis about her, you can get a lot more information by reading this Kayla Itsines Review.

The Bikini Body Guide

Kayla Itsines created a revolutionary transformation system specifically designed to get that sought after Southern California bikini body. Her approach is like a perfect recipe. Just add in the right amount of exercise, aerobic workout and meal planning and viola! You have an amazing physique, Kayla’s guide gets you that healthy look and feel in as little as 12 weeks.

This program is not a push button for success though, it is going to take work and determination to get your fitness goal – however many women struggle today pushing hard in a program only to be let down by the fact that it isn’t complete. Or that it may target a different look all together.

Kayla has proven herself to be a women’s health and fitness guru, her results definitely speak for themselves. I would strongly recommend you follow her on Facebook, she seems to be a genuinely good person, although she’s young she has a lot of fitness wisdom.


The Best Email Marketing Website for B2B

The Best Email Marketing Website For Your B2B Marketing

In a slow economy, effective B2B marketing becomes more important than ever before. Responses to your advertising efforts tend to be fewer and sales are lower. However, with some of the email marketing Websites out there today, you can still make a good number of sales.

The advantage of using an email marketing website for your marketing emails is that it is highly cost effective. You can send out hundreds of thousands of emails per month for only a few hundred dollars. Email marketing sites are the primary means by which you can reach potential customers, because it is quite difficult to send mass emails from your personal email accounts.

Most ISPs now have restrictions on how many emails you can send out on a daily basis. So you cannot send out an email to 5,000 people in a day from your home email account. Even Google’s Gmail only allows you to send out about 400 emails per day from any one account. Apparently, spammers were abusing Gmail to send out millions of spam emails per month. Google has cracked down on that activity, so if you want to send out marketing emails, you need to look elsewhere.

One of the best email marketing websites to use for your B2B marketing is Campaigner. There are a number of things we really like about this tool:

* Affordability – You can send out an unlimited number of emails per month. Some websites charge you per email you send out. Campaigner charges you for the size of your contact list. In our case, we have about 50,000 contacts. This costs us a mere $200 per month. If you have a much larger list, it still will not cost you more than $400 or so per month. This is a highly cost effective way to sell your products to other businesses. Keep in mind that there are email marketing sites out there that cost a good deal more. iContact is a good service, but you can pay them over $1000 for the same service you get at Campaigner for a lot less. At Streamsend, you also will pay $500 or so more for the same service.

* Templates – Campaigner has hundreds of pre-formatted templates you can choose from marketing websiteto create your emails. They are quite attractive as well. You don’t need to know a bit of HTML to send out a very nice-looking email to your contacts.

* Deliverability – We see about 99% of our emails hitting people’s inboxes, the same as we have seen on more expensive email marketing websites.

* No hassle about your email lists – there are some email marketing firms out there (Constant Contact, for example) that are extremely picky about what sorts of email lists you can use. They often want to see proof that your contacts signed up for your newsletters. It gets to be quite a hassle to have to prove on every list you upload that everyone actually subscribed. The nice thing about Campaigner is that you do not get hassled about your lists. As long as you don’t get spam complaints, you will be fine.

Global Watch Group

Reasons why you shouldn’t have corporate apparel:

Your staff like to express their distinction through their garments

It may be exorbitant to furnish your entire group

Also, that is about it! Presently unless you work in an imaginative situation, or maybe an outline driven business, staff communicating their singularity by the way that they dress is truly a bit much. Given that you pick agreeable and alluring corporate workwear, staff will by and large be glad to wear it.

What’s more, concerning the expense of furnishing your group? The expense of corporate garments can be guaranteed back at duty time as we said before, inasmuch as your organization name or logo is decorated on the things of apparel.

Office regalia aren’t only for huge organizations either. The minimal effort of outfits when acquiring online makes the passage hindrance for buying a considerable measure lower than you may might suspect. With standard sizes no matter how you look at it and a gigantic scope of choices including pants, business shirts, pullovers, dresses, belts, ties and coats, there is actually something for everybody to browse.

In the event that you are needing to extend a brilliant, efficient picture with your staff, then equipping them in corporate-wear garbs is a shrewd decision. Deliberately finding the right mix for your staff is essential, as you need them to be upbeat and comfortable as well. Why not compose a working gathering to examine the choices? Including your staff will go far to guaranteeing that everybody is fulfilled by their new outfits.

Essentially Uniforms has a remarkable scope of corporate garbs accessible for buy online direct from Perth, Western Australia.